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Employee Giving & Volunteerism

The Role of Employee Giving and Volunteerism in Corporate Social Responsibility

The transformative power of Employee Giving and Volunteerism stands at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the dynamic environment of modern enterprises. Social Values Collective embodies this ethos, demonstrating that the act of giving back is not just a peripheral activity but a core principle that defines and distinguishes us. It’s through these […]

Regulatory Impacts

Aligning Investor Interests with Sustainable Shareholder Value

At the core of federal securities laws lies a fundamental exchange—investors exercise the freedom to gauge and undertake risks as long as the capital-seeking entities make public disclosures. The Intersection of Lasting Value and Shareholder Returns: In our dialogues, the emphasis on “long-term” value is recurrent. It transcends mere financial metrics, encapsulating the returns stakeholders […]

Social Impact

Are CSR and social impact the same?

Given the complex nature of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social impact in general, I want to offer some thoughts on how corporate purpose has developed and how it has influenced businesses. This piece is not meant to be a complete history of the topic; it’s meant to show when these topics inspired impactful changes […]


Social Values Collective is open for business

Done right, ESG can drive positive social impact that reinforces a business’s competitive advantage and contributes to a better world.