Social Values Collective is open for business

Social Values Collective is a strategy consulting firm focused on the resiliency of values-based social impact programs for brands during turbulent times. In this exciting endeavor, we focus on adaptability to drive stakeholder alignment, multi-generational provision, emerging risks and trends, and minimizing constraints that impact and are impacting programs today. The operational sustainability of programs generating short- and long-term value for businesses, communities, employees, and investors is in peril, and I want to partner with brands to ensure we improve the posture of your corporate purpose program for internal and external success.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, strategic planning and consulting.
❇ Social Impact Program Development
❇ Program scaling and globalization
❇ Employee giving and volunteerism
❇ Regulatory Impacts
❇ Platform solutions

Trends impacting social impact programs in 2024
📉 Cuts to budgets
📈 Impact measurement and tracking
📈 Regulatory impacts, ESG, and sustainability reporting
📈 Human rights, environmental reporting, emerging risk and trends
📉 Executive misalignment and buy-in

I look forward to continuing to partner with brands, councils, nonprofit partners, and solution providers to ensure that social impact programs thrive with all the environmental and regulatory pressures impacting corporate purpose programs.

Check out my website for more information, and book TODAY so we can help you transform your brand!

By Patrice Rhone January 1, 2024

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